Essentials Gentle Sleep Plan

Essentials Gentle Sleep Plan

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Your baby is at least 4.5 months old, and for the most part, your baby sleeps pretty well for either naps or bedtime, but you want to improve one or two challenges with their sleep so everyone gets better quality sleep.

You don't have to decide between cry it out and wait it out. There is always a right approach to sleep learning for every family.

This package includes:

Complete assessment of intake forms and activity logs

90 minute in-home or video consultation that includes:

  • realistic, age appropriate goal setting that considers development and parenting preferences
  • a complete plan with a step by step approach for easy implementation based on your unique parenting style and choices (we build this plan together)

Two 20 minute follow up calls are scheduled to assess progress during week one and week two.

This is your plan, so we work together to create a plan that you can stick with and feel good about. Coaching your baby to sleep should always fit with your family and parenting and feel right.