Full Support Gentle Sleep Package

Full Support Gentle Sleep Package

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Your baby is at least 4.5 months old, and sleep is a distant memory in your house. Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Your child wakes multiple times in the night and needs you to all the work of helping them get back to sleep.
  • You are exhausted from spending hours rocking, nursing and general heroic efforts to get your baby to sleep
  •  Naps are short or non-existent. 
  • You can tell your child is overtired and sleep deprived but are not sure how to move forward.
  • Your day starts before 6 am thanks to your early riser

You don't have to decide between cry it out and wait it out. There is always a right approach to sleep learning for every family.

Have you come to full on dread bedtime or nap time, and feel like you are spinning in circles with all the conflicting advice out there and you are just feeling exhausted and need help?

I can help you! 

I take a holistic look at your whole situation, and help guide you rather than tell you how to implement a "method". We find all the pieces that fit with your family. 

You can get better sleep and feel good about it. This Full Support Gentle Sleep Package can get you to your sleep goals and give your child the lifelong sleep skills they need to grow and develop.

 This package includes:

  • Complete assessment of intake forms and activity logs
  • 90 minute in-home or video consultation that includes realistic, age appropriate goal setting that considers development and parenting preferences. A complete plan with a step by step approach for easy implementation based on your unique parenting style and choices (we build this plan together)
  • 3 months of weekly support calls to coach you through your plan and navigate new challenges and changes as they arise. 

This is your plan, so we work together to create a plan that you can stick with and feel good about. Coaching your baby to sleep should always fit with your family and parenting and feel right.