Six reasons to take a Lamaze Prenatal Class

There are many choices when it comes to childbirth preparation, and it may surprise you when I say that I don’t care which class you take as long as it’s a right fit for you and your birth (not all classes are created the same, but what makes a good class is for a post another day). I am biased in that I think everyone should take a class. Books are good, talking to friends are good, apps are even good, but nothing takes the place of a good childbirth education class taught by an independent, certified childbirth educator.

Here are my top 6 reasons to take a prenatal class

  1. PREPARE FOR THE UNKNOWN: A good prenatal class gives you and your partner an overview of birth.
  2. GET THE REAL DEAL: Certified Childbirth educators help couples sift through all the information and misinformation with evidence based content.
  3. KNOW YOUR OPTIONS: Even though you can’t predict how your birth will go, a prenatal class will help you learn all of your options so that you can make good informed decisions during your birth and early parenting.
  4. DADS NEED CONFIDENCE TOO: In my classes it’s usually safe to say that mom reads about birth more than partner. I can’t count the number of times that dads have said that they didn’t want to come, but are so happy that did because of how much they learned. Classes are a fun way to build confidence and learn a large amount of information in a fun interactive way- together!
  5. MEET OTHER EXPECTANT FAMILIES: I am always so pleased when the couples in my classes exchange information and stay in touch with one another. Having friends going through the same thing at the same time is invaluable.
  6. RESOURCES GALORE: You will have lots and lots of questions. The couples that I teach live in Durham Region. They live in Bowmanville, Ajax and everywhere in between and around.  It helps to know that you have someone local as your resource, and someone that will help you to find the answers and options you need leading up to birth and after.

Of course there are many other reasons to take a childbirth education class.  Even if it is just getting help with all the practical details as you prepare for your birth, it is worth the time and energy to be prepared with confidence.

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