Private In-Home Prenatal Class & Baby Care Class

$ 499.00

Fall Sale:  $50 off now until November 30/18

Private class- In your home scheduled to work around your schedule! 12 hours on personalized in home class covering everything from late pregnancy, birth and early parenting including baby care and infant sleep. This makes a great shower gift!

You can even invite grandma and grandpa to all or part of the class if they would like a refresher.

Private Prenatal & Baby Care Class including infant sleep foundations


Private Prenatal & Baby Care Class- EMBRACE FALL SALE $50 off until November 30, 2018

Be confident for your birth and early parenthood experience from the comfort of your own home.  Shelley will come to you!

This comprehensive prenatal class provides you and your partner evidence based, unbiased information to allow you to make good informed decisions about birth and parenting in the privacy of your own home.  Ask the questions you wish. Spend as much time as needed on topics without the pressure of moving on.    Regardless of your birth choices- whether you are planning a hospital or home birth, this prenatal class is for you.  This prenatal class is perfect for couples that work shift work or opposite schedules and need or prefer an alternative to group classes.  This prenatal class will prepare you and your partner for a safe, healthy and memorable birth experience and hands on baby care skills so that you head into parenthood with confidence. This prenatal class is taught by Shelley Whynot, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

Private classes are scheduled individually.  Once you have registered and paid (add to cart and pay), Shelley will be in touch to schedule your sessions.  Generally sessions are scheduled over 3- four-hour sessions, 4- three-hour session, or 2- six-hour sessions.  If you have any questions or would prefer to schedule and pay over the phone, please contact Shelley at 905-926-1882.

Prenatal Class Topics include:

  • Birth as a normal process:
    • Anatomy and physiology of birth
    • Late pregnancy (discomforts, tests)
    • Stages of birth
    • Emotional and physical experience of birth
  • The role of hormones in birth
    • Understanding their role and having power in birth
  • The effects of fear on labour and how to break it
  • Finding comfort in labour
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Breathing for labour
    • Positions for labour and birth
    • Comfort measures (including practical hands on skills for a confident birth partner)
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Informed decision making
    • Communication skills
    • Birth plans
  • Medical interventions
    • Benefits/ Risks
    • What they are, why they happen and how to avoid them
  • Pharmacological pain relief options
    • Medication options
    • Benefits/ Risks
    • Timing
  • Early postpartum experience and recovery
    • Tips and suggestions for recovery and adjustment
    • Baby blues and mood disorders
    • Planning for the postpartum period
  • Baby Care for babies 0 to 6 months
    • Normal Newborn behaviour (soothing, sleep, breathing etc…)
    • Hands on diapering, bathing, and burping skills
    • Newborn tests and procedures
    • Breastfeeding
    • Major milestones
    • Getting your newborn off to a good sleep start
    • Illness
    • Circumcision
    • Vaccinations

This is your birth experience.  This class will help you wade through all the information and decide what is best for you and your family.

Prenatal Classes designed for you!


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