Adjusting to life with baby isn’t easy, and it can be made even more overwhelming if expectations with visitors aren’t clear.  It’s not only ok to set boundaries, but healthy too. Feel free to share this post with family and friends as a conversation starter.  They may not realize what you need in those early weeks of life with baby.  It’s always ok to postpone a visit and be clear about what you need.

Both parents are likely tired, and will hopefully nap when they can. That may mean that they are snoozing mid day, and not up for visitors.  There is nothing more infuriating than a door bell ding-donging five minutes after you get your baby to sleep which triggers a barking fest from the fur baby, and to top it off, you have just started to drift off because you have only had 3 hours of sleep.  There are some little things that visitors can do to make this period easier. From not showing up unannounced banging on the door to being a helpful visitor by bringing food and helping out with a chore can help new parents adjust to parenthood.

Everyone loves a fresh baby, but it’s also important to be sensitive to what new parents need.  Everyone may need something different.  Check out this infographic I created that sums up what new parents need.  This isn’t a complete surefire list, but it’s a start.  If you are a new parent, be clear with friends and family about what you need.  If you are a friend or family member, ask what the new parents need. If needing time and space is what they ask for, give it to them.  If your yummy casserole delivered warm and dished out to them is what they need, then do it, clean up and get out!!

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